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msf Monica S. Flores (@monicasflores) facilitates the development of digital products as a technical project manager at Lullabot where she leads redevelopment/new rollouts for Fortune 100 brands, academic and government agencies, publishers, and e-commerce.

Since 2004, she has developed 200+ websites for clients and employers such as IBM, Green America, the GIST Network for the U.S. Department of State, and Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. As a full-stack developer, using Drupal since 2008 and working with agile methods since 2014, she is a proponent of using technology to solve problems, connect communities, and build more effective change-making teams.

She is on the leadership team for DC FemTech and was elected board member to Green America, where she chaired the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion board committee. She teaches for the Nonprofit Technology Professional certificate, started Techwomxn, co-founded 10K Webdesign, and founded/sold A Successful Woman. A member at The Wing, she supports women-focused ventures through the Female Founders Network.

She is the recipient of the 2018 NTENny award and speaks at conferences and panels on leadership, technology, and entrepreneurship.

She believes each of us has an ability and obligation to use our unique knowledge, ideas, and talents to make a measurable difference. She supports clean energy, and a socially just, environmentally sustainable, equitable society.

updated: December 27, 2019

16 April 2019   Host, Tech-I Global Pitch Competition, 12 finalists pitching for $230k in cash and prizes
Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Bahrain

  Photo credit: G. Lodise

16 April 2019   Tech-I Global Pitch Competition, female founders Queenny Lopez, Thuy Huong Ngo,
Jasmine Lim, Ariuntuya Altangarel, Monica S. Flores, Heidi Nguyen, Oghenetijiri Emuveyan
Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Bahrain

  Photo credit: G. Lodise

Founder and advisor building digital products at the intersection of social justice, technology, education, & community

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Monica S. Flores (@monicasflores) builds digital products to support a socially just, environmentally sustainable, equitable society. As a technical project manager she leads redevelopment/new rollouts for Fortune 500 brands, academic and government agencies, publishers, and e-commerce. Since 2004, she has developed websites for over two hundred US-based & global membership groups, non-profits, public agencies, and startups, including IBM, Green America, the U.S. Department of State / Global Entrepreneurship Network, and Ashoka Changemakers.

Flores is on the leadership teams of DC FemTech and the Campbell Parent-Teacher Association and was elected board member to Green America, where she was active with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. She teaches for the Nonprofit Technology Professional certificate, began (2019), started the FemaleFounders.Network (2015), co-founded 10K Webdesign (2004), and founded/sold A Successful Woman (2006-2012). She received the 2018 NTENny award, given to those "who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to our sector, driving our community forward and tirelessly working for excellence."

Monica is available to speak, moderate, or judge women’s groups, college groups, startup, entrepreneur, hackathon groups, female founders, womxn in tech, diversity in tech, and non-profit organizations, membership groups, and trade associations.

Past speaking engagements include: Global Entrepreneurship Week, Women in Technology Summit Southeast, Tech Rebalanced, Tech-I GIST Network Global Pitch Competition Bahrain, DC Startup Week, STEEAMnista Summit New York, DC Startup Weekend, Net2DC, DC Web Women, Working Mother DC, Women Tech Summit Philadelphia, DrupalCamp Hawaii.

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msfMonica S. Flores brings over fifteen years of experience as a project manager, web developer, engineering manager, digital products director, technical founder, and advisor to national and global teams. Most recent engagements include digital product director leading redesign for Green America, lead software engineer for the GIST Network (a project of Global Entrepreneurship Network for the U.S. Department of State), and product team lead for redesign at Ashoka Changemakers. She taught herself to code in 1999 and moved to Drupal in 2008, implementing agile methods since 2014.

As technical project manager at Lullabot, she supports teams on projects for Fortune 100 companies. She researches requirements and deliverables, executes on complex projectss, keeps timelines on track, communicates with clients, and explains processes, as well as helps identify functional specifications, determines and documents content types, user permissions, and reporting tools, and supports teams during buildout.

Author of the A Successful Woman’s Handbook series, Flores is passionate about leadership, innovation, education, and technology. She writes, speaks, and presents on social justice, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship, and currently serves on the faculty for the Nonprofit Technology Network's Professional Certification, teaching "Developing Good Data Practices."

She advises emerging projects that build community, foster connectedness, and advance technology to create a better world. She's familiar with startups, serving as founder, A Successful Woman (2006-2012), and founding board member and interim executive director, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (2004-2006).

Current highlights:

  • Coordinator, (November 2019)
  • Leadership Team member, DC FemTech (November 2019)
  • PTA VP Programs, Campbell School (September 2019)
  • Council Member, The Nook Online (February 2019)
  • Recipient, NTENny Award (December 2018)
  • The Wing Member (November 2018)
  • Board member, Green America (December 2017)
  • Editor & founder, FemaleFounders.Network (2015)
  • Consultant, 10K Webdesign, delivering 200+ web projects (2004-2014)

She received a B.S. from the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Cornell University and is currently based in the Washington, DC area.


Intro to Drupal

Introduction to Drupal

Setting up a Drupal site on Pantheon, identifying content types, basic user roles and permissions, and views
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Good Data Practice

Developing Good Data Practice

Thinking through your data structures, understanding how content types relate to one another, and making a plan for collecting and utilizing data at your organization.
link to presentation

Case Study: Green America on Drupal

Case Study: Green America on Drupal
link to presentation

Developing an Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

Building an Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion at your Organization

Slides and presentation for discussion of how to increase integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
link to presentation

Case Study Drupal

5 Learnings about the Website Redesign Process

Breaking down the architecture, timeline, and requirements to move a website onto Drupal 8 to increase capacity, allow for more integrated content, and better deploy meaningful information to clients, customers, and the community.
link to presentation


Five Tips to Increase Our Leadership Capacity

Women deserve greater opportunities for financing, mentorship, and advancement – women seek more responsibility (and better pay), and simultaneously navigate the path that leads to leadership opportunities. Learn five specific ways to increase demand for your expertise by “putting yourself out there”, giving yourself a chance to #failforward, facilitating professional development within your organization, operating around deliverables/results, and mentoring the next generation.
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Learning to Fail Forward: Embracing Failure on your Journey to Success

Women with skills, enthusiasm, and determination face a wide-open future. We learn fortitude and flexibility by starting, growing, scaling, or in many cases, failing in our new venture. We’ll review six lessons in the entrepreneurial journey that model how to embrace change, learn from past mistakes, and move forward in your next opportunity.
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Ten Tips to Travel the World

Use these tips to plan your journey of discovery. Voyage into the world with effective equipment, a positive attitude, and this roadmap to know who you are, where you are going, and how you will get to where you want to be.
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2017 Marymount University Career Event

Gave remarks about supervising an intern, and the importance of communication, patience, and flexibility.

Marymount1 Marymount2

2016 DC Startup Weekend

Served as mentor for this hackathon focused on social good.

DCStartupweekend DCStartupweekend

2016 STEEAMnista Summit 2016 - NYC

Panelist at event focused on increasing the participation, visibility, leadership, and celebrating the achievements of women across S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) + Entrepreneurship + Makers.

steeamnista2016NYC steeamnista2016NYC steeamnista2016NYC

2015 Women in Tech Summit "Inspiring Women to Take a Chance"

Speaker Panel “Women Helping Women” in Philadelphia, PA

Philly Women In Tech Summit 2015

Philly Women In Tech Summit 2015

2015 DC Web Women Speaker Series

Panelist for DC Web Women focus on Entrepreneurship

dcwww dcwww dcwww


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